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Import and export services

We can help you with import and export requirements, assisting with booking freight, delivering and filling customs clearance. Most countries require safety and quality to be met before import and export clearance can be issued. Our many years of experience in logistics allows us to provide you with the best solution for your business.


We work with companies and individuals working on assignments abroad or simply emigrating to a foreign country for a better future. We provide a tailor-made solution to suit your needs and keep you updated on all stages of your visa application at a fixed cost which many business consulting firms do not agree to. Whether your application is a working visa or a settlement visa-we are there to assist you.

Wholesale Trade

We offer our clients to purchase goods from direct suppliers, no extra commission paid to any third party. Our aim is to save you the unnecessary cost from the procurement. Our procurement teamwork in our local offices in Asia and Europe and understand your needs.


We recognize the importance of education for our children, that is why we are in partnership with universities in China for bringing the best education to students. We are committed to helping students secure a place to study for a course. Our team are able to assist you with admission into a university in your languages and to meet with your requirements.

We understand the complexity of embarking on a new life in a foreign country might be challenging and difficult, therefore we extend our services to international students looking for accommodation, visa issues and job opportunities with great care.

Consulting services on e-commerce

No matter if you are an SME or an individual interested in selling your goods on e-commerce platforms such as Amazon in Europe or T-mall in China , we are here to help you navigate the process, from dealing with paperwork to selling online. We will guide you all the steps needed for launching your services online – taxes, logistics, shipping, and any local requirements in the Europe or Asia regions.

Ad Hoc Trade Advice

Our Trade Department Team has business expertise in every sector. They are based in Europe and Asia and are able to help you with identify international trade opportunities, reach out to business partners that are hard to find, advise you on a business plan that suits your needs and evaluate the market competition. In particular, we specialize in trade issues between Europe and Asia, with a focus on all European countries and the Greater China Region.

Property Advice Service

While seeking to diversify our business into many sectors, we have a leading team based in China working on advising our clients across the world. Mainly, we advise on property transactions that we see as a long-term opportunity. With global experience and commitment to our clients, we support them with maximizing their returns.

China Business Consulting

Are you ready to tap the huge potential Chinese market? Have you had a business idea for the Chinese market that has more than 1.4 billion consumers? If you do, then please get in touch with us we will be able to assist you with materializing your business ideas into reality. We are well connected in China, having a team on the ground of more than 20 professionals advising on foreign companies, SMEs, individuals, start-ups and even university students on how to succeed in the Chinese market. Please get in touch with us for your business idea. Once received your details, we will be able to provide you with a quote based on your requirements. What makes us different from other companies is that we provide lifetime advice on all services you have purchased with us.


Qualified Business Consultants
Our in-house Business Consultants are educated and trained in most European and Asian cities, making sure that they know your requirements from a local perspective. They always listen to your needs and wants, and assist you with all business needs from the beginning to the completion of a business project.


Global Footprint
We have more professional partners around the globe that can utilize the best solutions for our customers. We have the necessary experience of your field in business and understand your niche well. That also means we can offer expertise that is not available with your company.


Communication Skills
We believe that, as a Business Consultant , delivering the best advice and solutions would require the need to understand and absorb your needs. We will be asking and answering questions at the right time. We will be skilled in helping you find the best answers and implement them into your business.

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