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Every step of the way is digital. From face and thumb recognition to document reader, NeuXP saves you time. No more hassle in filling in too much information.

Access to all currencies for various digital transactions and protect yourself from rate fluctuations. Let us help you save some cost!

Multi-currency wallet




Transfers between NeuXP and other accounts happen in real-time and are completely free! With our app, you can conveniently send or receive money to any of your contacts, at any time of the day, wherever you may be.



Embrace the new era of modernised payment and enjoy using Google and Apple Pay for a simplified, convenient and secured experience.

Digital Banking Platform


Unlike other digital bank apps, we simplify your experience

with an all-in-one app for all things banking and more! 

Everything you need is her in one app.

Explore endless possibilities at NeuXP

The Next Norm of Digital Banking

NeuXP transforms the digital banking experience for non-residents in Europe, USA and Asia via an integrated banking platform.

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