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the Next Norm of Digital Banking

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Digital Banking Platform

Why go through the hassle of opening a back account

]in a foreign country when NeuXP is here to solve all your banking concerns abroad?

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Are you planning to travel or move

to Europe, the US or Asia soon?

Being far from home, we understand the limitations you may have as a non-resident when it comes to banking. We experienced it first-hand that banking in a foreign land, be it digital or traditional, is not as easy as it should be. 

Whether you are traveling, studying, or working in Europe, the US, or Asia, we’ll help ease your banking journey so that you will have one less thing to worry.

Asian Students Abroad


flexibility, accessibility and

simplicity for your

banking needs

Instant Transfer Abroad


our comprehensive range of online services for a seamless journey

wherever you may be.

USA Students Abroad


time-consuming and lengthy

processes with just a

click of a button.

Empowering your digital finance journey
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Explore endless possibilities at NeuXP
Foreign Countries Money
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Izzah, Australia

As a foreigner, managing foreign currency quickly and conveniently is what matters. NeuXP will be a great alternative to a traditional bank service.


Syasya, France

It will be easy to use NeuXP to track my spending and send money around without the need to think about the currency rate as I have the multi-currency wallet available at my fingertips. 

Hannah, UK

It's a very interesting app for a foreign student like myself. A great deal of convenience as I could create an account, track and transfer money all in one app without going through all the hassles in the process of opening a bank account.

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