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Setting up and managing your business with ease in Malaysia is made possible with Biz@NeuXP

Are you an entrepreneur looking to expand
your business to one of ASEAN’s hottest markets?


As a non-resident with a vision to expand your business in Malaysia, you may be faced with challenges due to lengthy processes and unfamiliar policies. You may be ready to launch your business there but you may not know where to start.

That’s why at Biz@NeuXP, we provide a fully digitalized platform that would automate your experience in setting up and managing your venture instantly. Everything you need from getting started, registering, running and scaling your business are easily accessible within a few clicks. 


Malaysia as a Gateway to ASEAN

For many years, Malaysia has been recognised as one of the best countries for investment and one of the most developed places in South-East Asia. Although the pandemic may have impacted the economy significantly, its economic outlook and potential for investment remain positive in the future for various reasons such as its strategic location.

Strategic Location

Solid Infrastructure

Government Policies and Initiatives

  • Located in the centre of ASEAN giving access to 650 million large market

  • Its location along the Strait of Malacca, is a major sea-route connecting the Far East to Asia, Europe, and the Middle East making it the best logistics or business hub

  • Excellent air, land and sea cargo facilities

  • Highway access linking to neigbouring countries

  • Telecommunications infrastructure is one of the best developed in the region

  • Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) promotes foreign investment

  • Digital Free Trade Zone (DFTZ), the first electronic world trade platform

  • Special Tax Incentive under the Economy Recovery Plan (PENJANA) for companies that intend to relocate their operations to Malaysia and make new investments


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As a business owner looking to expand to Malaysia,
you will also have direct access to the local partners for:

Advertisements Platform
Logistics Management
Networking opportunities
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Fully Digitalised

Get your business up and running 
in no time at all with our seamless digitalized platform for simplified processes at every step and in multiple languages.

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Single View Dashboard

Manage and control your business operations easily via an all-in-one centralized view and access to comprehensive references to policies and requirements.

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Market Accessibility

Connect with other platforms that help 
you market your products and services 
to your intended target audience.   

Digital Services

Explore our digital services to ease your business journey. 
Leave the rest of the work to us while you focus on building your business. 

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•    Business incorporation

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•    Banking

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•    Accounting

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•    Legal

gradient point box.png

•    HR

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•    Others


Check out other services that may be essential to expanding
or managing your business in Malaysia.

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Online Trademark & IP Registration

Digitalise your trademark and Intellectual Property registration

Secure your brand identity from being misuse by other parties and establish a valuable asset for your company.


Type of Trademarks:

  • Abstract

  • Mascot

  • Emblem

  • Letter Mark

  • Music

  • Others


Matching Services

Business Matching Services



Manage your shipping of goods with ease and less hassle

Ease your transportation process for your business with less sequence of processes.


Logistic Services:

  • Air Cargo

  • Inland Transportation

  • Sea Freight

  • Warehouse Services

  • Logistic Consultation


Matching Services

Business Meeting_edited_edited.jpg

Business Matching Services

Get connected with local partners and service providers with common business interest

Get the opportunity to connect with prospective partners, distributors or customers for your business.


Type of Business Matching:

  • B2B

  • B2C

Get the opportunity to connect with prospective partners, distributors or customers for your business.


Type of Business Matching:

  • B2B

  • B2C


Enhance your brands for the recognition that you deserve and turned your information into attention-grabbing materials for your customers.


Branding Services:

  • Corporate Identity

  • Corporate Stationary (bunting, banner, business card, etc)

  • Brand Packaging

  • Branding Consultation

  • Others


Achieve your branding milestones and create long-lasting values
Big Desk_edited_edited.jpg

Strengthen company image by getting all the basics covered for your business to grow.


Services Provided:

  • Storing and forwarding mails

  • Professional business numbers

  • Setting up corporate addresses

  • Others

Virtual Office

Get your professional work environment with zero hassle
Working Silhouettes_edited.jpg

It is more than just giving and receiving advice. Analyze the purpose of your goals and engagement success. 


Services Provided:

  • Business Consultation

  • Financial Consultation

  • Management Consultation

  • Others

Business Consulting

Get advice from our pool of experts to help you with your business concerns
Online Shopping_edited.jpg

Reach out your audience locally and globally either to build awareness or advertise to your potential customers.


Services Provided:

  • Digital Marketing Solution

  • Offline Marketing Solution

E-Commerce & Marketing Solutions

Promote and boost your brand with convenient and effective approach
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