Calling all university students to challenge your innovative and entrepreneurial ideas. Stand a chance to win some cash prizes in the NeuXP Entrepreneurship Challenge (NEC) 2021!

Stay tuned and coming to you soon in this October 2021!
Challenge period - 8 weeks

About NeuXP Entrepreneurship Challenge 2021

The NeuXP Entrepreneurship  Challenge (NEC) is a 8-weeks  business idea competition for  university students. You can come from any university and join from anywhere as long as you have  access to the internet. This inaugural NEC 2021 will be held on Saturday, 16th October 2021

The NEC aims to encourage young people's entrepreneurship and  develop their knowledge and experience of enterprise. It gives an  opportunity for teams of university students from around the world to  solve a significant global problem through an innovative and sustainable  enterprise idea. They also learn to apply their knowledge of science and  technology in a practical way.


Eligible participants are 18 years old and above students who are  attending university. In order to register for the competition, participants  need to form a team of up to 3-5 eligible students. Ideally, the team  should possess a broad range of complementary skills and knowledge  in areas such as marketing, technology, business, creative thinking and  communication. Your competition is already starting  when  you  decide the team members you will work with, therefore pick your  teammates wisely!

White Structure

Week 8

Semi Finals (Top 5 teams will be shortlisted) and Finals (Top 3 winners)

Orientation and Topic 1 on entrepreneurship

Trainings covering 5 Entrepreneurship Topics

Trainings covering 5 Entrepreneurship Topics

Week 1

Week 2 - 6

Week 7

Discussion, Mentorship and Preparation Week

Week 8

Week 1

Week 2 - 6

Week 7

The entire event will take place over a span of 8 weeks. Participants will be going through challenges, elimination and shortlisting rounds and the top 5 selected groups will be presenting their  ideas to the panel judges live and a line of questions will be directed to them during the finale stage.


What’s in store for the participants and winners?

The NEC, all participants of the challenge are eligible to receive a certificate of participation. The top 5 winners of the challenge are entitled to receive the below:


RM3,000 & certificate of achievement

RM1,000 & certificate of achievement

RM500 & certificate of achievement 

Certificate of achievement

Terms & Conditions Apply

All other participants will receive a certificate of participation and stand the chance to receive internship placements with NeuXP Group!

Registration for NeuXP Entrepreneurship Challenge 2021 is now closed. Stay tuned to our next event in 2022!


1. How to join

The NeuXP Entrepreneurship Challenge (NEC) competition will be held online. Please check your eligibility and how to compete before sending us the registration form.  


2. Checking your eligibility

A participant must attend a university and aged 18 years old and above on the day of the competition, and each team should consist of up to 5 eligible students (minimum 3 students). Members of a team can be formed from different universities.


3. Understand how to compete

All teams should arrange themselves a venue which is suitable to compete in the online challenge. The venue needs reliable internet access and e-mail capability. We recommend that team members gather at the same place and work together, however, depending on the country’s COVID-19’s situation, we allow you to gather and work online using a remote  conference app.


You will receive the NEC Challenge via e-mail at the designated time on the day of the competition. Then, you start working as a team, submit a business plan and YouTube URL address of presentation video by deadline. Regarding those submissions, you are required to comply with the NEC rules and guidelines.


4. Send in the registration form 1st July 2021 to 30th September 2021

Once you meet the eligibility requirements, fill in the registration form located in the landing page between 1st July 2021 to 30th September 2021. Your registration form will be screened through and we will get back to you on your application acceptance within a few days.

5. Rules and Guidelines

The NeuXP Entrepreneurship Challenge (NEC) is a business idea competition for university student. You can join anywhere as long as you are a university student (18 years old and above) and have access to the internet. However, there are certain rules and guidelines you need to follow.


Please check the following terms and be ready to compete fairly. If you break the rules, you will either lose points or be  disqualified for the worst case.


A participant must attend university and aged 18 and above on the day of the competition, and each team should consist of up to 5 eligible students (minimum 3 students). Members of a team can be from different universities.


6. Venue

All teams should arrange themselves a venue which is suitable to compete in the online challenge. We encourage team members to gather and work in the same place. However, due to the new coronavirus outbreak, depending on the country's situation, you can gather online using remote conference apps in order to reduce the risk of coronavirus infection. In either case, you need to secure reliable internet access and e-mail capability in order to compete in the online challenge.


7. Submissions

Each team will be given a time frame to complete their challenge and the date of presentation for every challenge will be       determined and the teams will be informed on this. The method of presentation will be through an online platform whereby students are required to present their work live to the panel of judges.


8. Judging criteria

NEC competing teams will be evaluated by a judging panel. The evaluation is conducted in accordance with the following criteria. More detailed information will be provided to registered participants directly.


1)Creativity and Innovation

2)Finance and Production

3)Marketing and Market Research



9. Certificate and Award

All the participants will receive the Certificate of Participation, and the winners will receive a trophy and an award certificate.

•    Registration starts from 1st July 2021 to 30th September 2021

•    Challenge period - 8 weeks starting from 16th October 2021


10. Host & Contact

The NeuXP Entrepreneurship Challenge (NEC ) is hosted by NeuXP Group. For further inquiries, please email to support@neuxp.com