Intended for kids, 
Supervised by you

A junior account to help kids manage their money 
to start a good saving habit at a young age


Perfect for your kids

•    NeuKids is an account for children. 
    Just like its name, it is a new way 
    for kids to save and spend.

•    Get instant notification on every 
     transaction made using the account. 

•    Effortless control for your kids’ spending habits. 

Why NeuKids is Better

Learn to save in a new way

•    Set their own saving goals 
     and continuously save towards it.
•    Assign tasks or anything 
     for them to complete the goals.
•    Decide their spending limits 
     and where they can spend. 

Trendy designs for kids

•    Cool and funky card designs that they 
    can choose directly from the app.

•    To protect their privacy, we minimise 
    the details in the physical card to ensure 
    their safety.

•    Don’t worry moms and dads; you can block 
    or freeze the card if there is any suspicious 
    transaction spotted.


The Features

No monthly fees


Customise card

No minimum deposit

Insight into spending habits

Parental control tools

Real-time notification
Virtual finance manager

Earn cashback (0.5%) for every 
Savings made / annual incentive 
based on the average balance


Get a virtual and physical card

Block or freeze card

anytime, anywhere

Set spending limits 
and items they can spend

Transfer to NeuKids from 
your NeuXP accounts

How To Join NeuKids

Just follow the steps if you are an existing NeuXP account holder


Open the NeuXP app from your phone and connect to the account that you want NeuKids to be under.


Tap on NeuKids and follow the setup steps. 


That’s it! The NeuKids have been registered 

and you can install the app on your children’s 

smartphone (if they have any) for them

to view their accounts and transactions. 

Not a NeuXP customer yet?

Don’t  worry, we got you covered. Download the app and apply 
for a NeuXP account. We will guide you from there. 

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is my child eligible for NeuKids?

Children below the age of 18 are eligible to open NeuKids account.

2. How can I open a NeuKids account for my child?

i.    If you already have a NeuXP account, you can click on 
     Add New Account > NeuKids > Fill in the details > Successful.

ii.    If you don’t have a NeuXP account, you can contact our

      Customer Service and they will assist you from there. 

3. How much is the initial deposit for the NeuKids account?

You need to deposit at least EUR1/US$1 into the account.

4. Do I as the parent get access to the account?

Yes, you will be granted access as the account is linked to your NeuXP account. 

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