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Personal Account

Opening of personal accounts for non-residents has never been easier.

Account opening with NeuXP is easy and does not require documents.


Get your account instantly!

  • No monthly fees

  • No balance fall below fees

  • No transfer fees

  • Insight of spending habits

  • Deposits through app

  • Instant notifications

  • Earn interest on savings

  • Flexible overdraft (if eligible)

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Joint Account

Share and save your spending with your loved ones, family or friends.

Managing your expenses collectively with your partner or friends does not have

to be complicated. Just open a joint account with NeuXP and enjoy the flexibility

and convenience.

  • No monthly fees

  • Separate account card

  • Virtual finance manager

  • Insight of spending habits

  • Side-by-side savings

  • Keep track of all spending

  • Become the host of expenses

  • Real-time notification

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Multi-currency account

Have a piece of mind when you spend in different countries with NeuXP account/ card. We make sure you get competitive exchange rates and your account is available in digital currencies too.

  • No hidden fees

  • Unlimited currency

  • Real-time exchange rate

  • Single card for all

  • Review the exchange rate before proceeding

  • Currency control

  • Virtual finance manager

  • Cashback/points for every successful transaction

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Get your virtual card immediately so you can start spending with your virtual card in no time and if you need a physical card, we will send it to you too.

  • No hidden fees

  • Unlimited currency

  • Real-time exchange rate

  • Single card for all

  • Exciting designs

  • Reward points

  • Localised offers

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