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Get all the information and tips you need one app for ease of your traveling,
not just for yourleisure
but your business
travel too.

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Soon you will be able to book your flight and hotel, or purchase your
next attraction
park tickets
and more in
XPlore app.

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If you are a business
owner who would like
to gain more customers
and expand globally
FREE online
tuned for our

Click Google Play icon or App Store icon to start download


Coming Soon

Stay tuned for our upcoming features where users can view information and book selected services such as Shopping, F&B, Travel, Hotel, Outdoor Attraction, Indoor Attraction, Gamification, E-commerce and Business Services. 



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With everything you need in one app,
XPloring the world has never been this convenient!

Travelling or moving to a foreign country but don’t know what to prepare and do to make your journey an ease?


Avoid the hassle in researching on various online sites and downloading multiple local applications on your phone for useful tips and tricks. All that you need to know is in XPlore!


And soon you will also be able to book your next flight or hotel, or purchase your next attraction park tickets. All you will need will be in one app.  

Start your journey today with us. XPlore the possibilities with NeuXP.

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an online community platform that eases the journey of millions of users globally

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Soon merchants can reach to a wider audience with XPlore!

Maximise benefits via our Pointsand Reward System

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Reach To Wider Audience

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Maximise on Reward System

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Xplore Information and connection at your fingertips wherever you go!
Send your inquiries to and we will get back to you in no time.

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