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Your one-stop concierge service for your travel and business needs.

Amazing benefits await you when you

sign-up as a Premium Buddyz member!

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Hassle-free assistance with your bookings while on-the-go

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Personalized support hotline with a dedicated virtual assistant

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Be the first to receive exclusive invitation to exclusive launch parties and events

Why BuddyzConcierge

With BuddyzConcierge, you can leave the job to our dedicated personal assistant and focus on your travel or business without any worries.


Gain a deeper understanding of Buddyz services and maximize the benefits for yourself or your business.


Plus, enjoy amazing members-only priority discounts

during festive seasons and seasonal promotions.

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Join as a premium Buddyz member today and experience personalized service with Buddyz Concierge!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is BuddyzConcierge?

BuddyzConcierge is a premium concierge service where all members will enjoy perks and benefits such as personalized and dedicated assistance when using Buddyz services and special discounts on attraction park tickets and more.


Is this service free?

This service is automatically included in our premium membership packages. Check out our pricing information to know more.


How many times can I use this service?

Different membership tiers come with a maximum number of times you can utilize this service. Refer to our pricing plan to find out more.


What are the types of assistance that I can request from a Buddyz virtual assistant?

Our friendly virtual assistant can help you with booking attraction tickets, reserving an exhibitor booth in our virtual event platform via BuddyzConnect, and learning about our digital solutions to help you save or reduce costs. We're here to help you smoothen your journey while using our services.

How do I reach out if I have questions pertaining to my purchase and claims pertaining to Buddyz services?

Our friendly personalized assistant will be happy to assist you with your queries.


What does a dedicated support line mean?

When you subscribe to our membership plans, we go the extra mile by providing you a personalized concierge service by assisting you throughout your journey with us. We will support you as much as we can as long as the services are within the Buddyz ecosystem or though our network of partners to ease your journey locally or abroad.

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