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Bridging Borders: Internationally renowned skincare brand CANVAS, expedites its debut in Malaysia through its collaboration with NeuXP


May 10, 2024

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia - NeuXP, a provider of an integrated business and lifestyle platform is thrilled to announce its partnership with CANVAS, a global cosmetic and beauty brand originating from Australia.

This strategic collaboration marks a significant milestone as it introduces CANVAS's premium range of products to Malaysia, marking the brand's first entry into Southeast Asia as part of its global expansion initiatives. CANVAS expanded to Hong Kong in 2013 and has since expanded with over 18 concept stores and department store counters in Hong Kong, and has entered the Mainland China market with NMPA-certified products on major e-commerce platforms. They also introduced their aromatherapy concept to Singapore in 2016 and Thailand in 2020.

The partnership between NeuXP and CANVAS signifies a mutual commitment to accelerating growth and facilitating cross-border expansion for companies seeking to establish a presence in various regions. With CANVAS's products boasting over 90% organic content and infused with unique aromatherapy intelligence derived from precious natural resources, this collaboration promises to disrupt the skincare industry in Malaysia with its innovative and natural ingredients across all product lines.

Key Benefits of the Collaboration:

1.      Environmental Sustainability: CANVAS's products are crafted using environmentally friendly practices, championing sustainability and reducing the ecological footprint of skincare routines.

2.      Improved Health and Safety: With nearly all CANVAS skincare products comprising over 90% organic ingredients, consumers can trust in formulations that prioritize natural elements, minimizing the risk of adverse reactions and promoting skin health without the use of harmful chemicals.

3.      Availability in Malaysia: CANVAS's introduction to the Malaysian market will commence with pre-orders, offering consumers an early opportunity to engage directly with the brand and experience its premium offerings firsthand.

CANVAS, with its unique blend of aromatherapy aesthetic wisdom, crafts products that harness the power of essential oils, carrier oils, and botanical extracts, ensuring a high percentage of natural and organic ingredients. Focused on skin health from its roots, CANVAS improves texture and unveils beautiful skin. Each product clearly displays the percentage of natural and organic ingredients, offering a truly "visible" beauty promise. With 100% pure and natural essential oils acting as a protective barrier, CANVAS products penetrate skin tissues, enhancing oxygen flow, promoting metabolism, and maintaining hormone balance. Combined with skin-friendly carrier oils, these products deliver nutrients to the skin's root, fostering natural and healthy beauty.

"We are thrilled to introduce CANVAS to Malaysia and anticipate the positive impact of organic skincare infused with essential oils and natural ingredients on the well-being of our users," said Jeremy Mah, Founder & CEO of NeuXP. "This collaboration underscores our commitment to empowering businesses and facilitating their expansion across borders." This partnership with CANVAS marks a significant milestone for NeuXP, reaffirming its dedication to supporting businesses in navigating the digital landscape and thriving in competitive markets. Interested users are encouraged to join the waitlist to receive notifications when pre-orders officially open, signaling the dawn of a new era in organic skincare accessibility in Malaysia. Users will also have the opportunity to enjoy thrilling combo and bundle offers via the pre-sales launch soon, becoming among the first few in Malaysia to indulge in the unique benefits of CANVAS's top-tier skincare products.

About NeuXP

NeuXP is a leading provider of an integrated business and lifestyle platform, offering innovative solutions for businesses to thrive in today's digital economy. With a focus on empowering cross-border expansion and facilitating seamless transactions, NeuXP is committed to driving growth and prosperity for its partners and users.


Founded in Melbourne, Australia in 2004, Australian Aromatherapy Beauty Expert CANVAS, with the concept of "Beautiful Skincare," utilizes fine, pure essential oils and herbal extracts to reveal exquisite and perfect skin from the inside out. The brand offers a range of facial and body care products containing unique Australian herbal ingredients, 68 varieties of 100% pure essential oils, and carrier oil series. The majority of their products contain over 90% natural and organic ingredients, clearly indicated on the product labels. Many of the aromatherapy oil products are certified by ACO (Australian Certified Organic) and TGA (Therapeutic Goods Administration), providing aromatherapy enthusiasts with safe, effective, and trustworthy skincare products.



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