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Championing Business Growth beyond Borders: Biz@NeuXP Launches it's Solution for Businesses Expanding to China with an MOU Signing with Cloudbae

Jan 26, 2021

NeuXP, a highly integrated digital banking platform provider signs MoU with Cloudbae, the sole provider of SMART CITY integrations across China, to further ease SME and startups’ entry to the country.

  • Eliminate the tedious process of going through various procedures and challenges, as Biz@NeuXP provides a business automation platform to ease business incorporation and operations with a straightforward and convenient package.

Kuala Lumpur, 26 January - In conjunction with the launch of Biz@NeuXP, NeuXP, has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with Cloudbae, currently the only provider that integrates SMART CITY applications across China. This partnership serves not only as a stepping stone for the birth of Biz@NeuXP, an award-winning web platform that eases and accelerates foreign entrepreneurs’ and SMEs‘ entry into China’s market but also allows business owners to utilize the features and benefits of the aforementioned SMART CITY applications.


A SMART CITY framework allows citizens to engage with facilities offered in the city such as commuting and waste management services. Currently, Cloudbae maintains both the iNanning and iGuangXi SMART CITY applications. Through this highly anticipated MoU signing, Biz@NeuXP’s services will be available for business owners who would like to have their services integrated into the SMART CITY network seamlessly.


"Today, our services connect our users with 47 government departments, integrate information resources with government data, industry data, and business data, offering more than 100 services to our existing user base. Our partnership with Biz@NeuXP allows us to offer one-stop enterprise services to companies in which Malaysian startups and SMEs are poised to be the first to experience this benefit. My team and I are looking forward to seeing more international businesses bloom in Nanning." stated Jobb Zhou, President of Cloudbae.


Being the world’s most populous country, and ranking second in the world in terms of economic growth, China has proven time and time again to be an enticing market for business owners to venture into. With an economy valued at US$24.2 trillion, companies and startups will definitely want to ride the wave as China continues its rise as a global superpower. However, expansion to China might prove to be daunting to business owners who are new to the region. Many obstacles might present themselves before they are able to comfortably integrate themselves into the Chinese market. Some might experience language barriers whereas others may be unfamiliar with the policies and regulations of doing business in China.


Jumping into the fray, Biz@NeuXP offers direct access to local digital services to manage their clients’ backend processes. These include essential business matters which range from incorporation, accounting, banking, bookkeeping, and legal advice, among others, so that owners can fully focus on the frontend of the business. For instance, if a client requires assistance with accounting or legal matters, Biz@NeuXP’s easily accessible platform can help connect the business with accounting services through their network in just a few simple clicks.


“Biz@NeuXP’s goal is to skip the tedious process of looking for different vendors to maintain the many aspects of a business which will incur unnecessary costs. If left unaddressed, these issues may adversely affect the growth of the business, proving to be detrimental to SMEs and startups. Foreign companies don’t usually have it easy as there are many long-winded steps to fulfill on top of engaging with service providers in the region, resulting in the unnecessary delay of the company’s entry to China,” stated Jeremy Mah, founder and CEO of NeuXP.


Aside from accelerating growth beyond borders, Biz@NeuXP also offers direct access to advertisement platforms such as WeChat and Baidu to reach out and appeal to the Chinese demographic. Additionally, it connects businesses with potential investors, opening doors for investment and funding opportunities to further elevate companies to greater heights.

“With an integrated system, we effectively remove the middle man, allowing for ease of business operations. Biz@NeuXP provides everything an organization would need to start its journey into the Chinese market in a holistic package. As a result, our services allow business owners to save up to 70% of the operation costs incurred when compared to approaching service providers and vendors one by one,” added Jeremy.

For the first phase of its operations, Biz@NeuXP is targeting ASEAN businesses’ entry to China. More regions such as the Middle East, Europe and USA will also be able to expand their business to China in the upcoming phases.

To find out more, please visit the Biz@NeuXP website at or their Facebook page at


About NeuXP

NeuXP is an integrated digital banking platform that offers comprehensive services with flexible, accessible and simple user experience. As the next norm of digital banking, NeuXP is rapidly moving into the digital finance space with its network advantage and leading-edge technology. Its fully digitalized banking platform is designed to address the concerns of non-residents, extending beyond what’s normally made available by other providers in Europe, USA and Asia. Besides its core banking products, NeuXP provides a complete banking ecosystem that complements the lifestyle needs of its users. To find out more, visit

About Cloudbae

Cloudbae is a big data industry company established with a "light asset, platform, mixed ownership" approach. Shareholder companies such as Guangxi Group Co., Ltd., Nanning Rail Transit Group, and Alibaba Cloud's DT Dreams joined hands to commit to the construction and operation of a smart Nanning city, to promote the interconnection and sharing of information among cities in Guangxi, and to strengthen cooperation with cities in ASEAN countries To build the Digital Silk Road together. The new Smart City is an important part of the construction of the China-ASEAN Information Port and an important platform for China and ASEAN countries to jointly build the "Digital Silk Road". Cloud Baby Big Data Industry Development Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Cloud Baby'') was established on March 28, 2017.

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