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FootballAvenue and NeuXP announce new venture

Feb 3, 2023

FootballAvenue, a specialist in the B2B sports platform, announced its new venture into digital transformation in its offering as part of its growth strategy at its recent annual meeting.

The annual meeting was successfully held in the “Scala del Calcio”, the stadium of San Siro, that hosts the home matches of Inter AC and Milan FC, where the Leagues of Serie A, Serie B, Lega Pro, FIGC, FIGC for women, AIAC, and AIC participated along with 18 clubs of the Serie A and 22 of the Serie B and 8 national newspapers. The FootballAvenue annual meeting was previously attended by 4,500 participants, with an average attendance of 70 companies. 


The digital transformation strategy will be deployed as a collaborative effort between FootballAvenue and NeuXP, a platform provider that connects users to global banking and lifestyle services. By having NeuXP platform onboard as its technology enabler, FootballAvenue will set forth its motion to enhance its services through digitalisation and modernisation.


This collaboration will introduce FootballAvenue’s digital platform that will be built as the first marketplace exclusively dedicated to the football world. The digital platform which will be complemented with modernised features, will not just allow members or users to interact with each other for an instant exchange of information, distribution of news, but also the increase in safety, transparency, and speed in the transactions.


On top of these modernised features that will make the user experience more simplified, both parties aim to complete the platform comprehensive ecosystem with a banking integration in the subsequent phases. The banking feature aims to provide efficient and new form of business automation tool for the B2B segment. Companies looking for a venue and an entrance into the world of football: networking, incredibly reduced costs, financial services, management of invoices and line of credit specially for the operators and players of the football market, will benefit from this upcoming banking feature.


This collaborative initiative is only the beginning of FootballAvenue and NeuXP approach in contributing to the development and acceleration of the football sector at large.  What’s more, the forward-thinking digital strategy will also help enhance the customer experience for the FootballAvenue regional and global fan base through this unique modernised offering of an all-in-one platform.  


The digital transformation initiative will leverage the experienced team of advisors and professionals with a consolidated track record in the legal, PR, marketing, insurance and financial or fintech sectors from both parties.

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