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NeuXP Set to Roll Out Three Projects in Malaysia Following Recent Signing Event


Apr 26, 2024

NeuXP, a leading integrated digital platform provider, has announced plans to roll out three exciting projects in Malaysia following a recent signing event.

The event, which took place in Kuala Lumpur on 25th April 2024, marked a significant milestone for NeuXP's expansion in the region. During the event, NeuXP signed agreements with key partners, paving the way for the implementation of three innovative projects aimed at revolutionizing the fintech landscape in Malaysia.


These projects align with NeuXP's mission to drive innovation and empower communities through technology. With Malaysia poised for digital transformation hub for ASEAN, NeuXP is committed to leveraging its expertise and resources to bring about positive change and create new opportunities for growth and development.


Stay tuned for more updates as NeuXP progresses with these exciting initiatives in Malaysia.

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