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Chiamando tutti gli studenti universitari! Questa è la tua ultima opportunità per essere coinvolto in uno dei workshop sull'imprenditorialità più entusiasmanti e intensi del 2022!

Questa è la tua occasione per puntare in grande per i tuoi sogni e trasformarli in realtà. Partecipa oggi stesso al NeuXP Entrepreneurship Workshop 2022,

e faremo in modo che tu esca direttamente dal nostro evento ben equipaggiato con quello che serve per essere uno studente imprenditore professionista!

Thank you for your participation and we hope to see you next time!

Are you...

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Someone who has great ideas and wants to transform your ideas into reality but is not sure how to?

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Not sure where to start but open towards the idea of entrepreneurship to gain knowledge?

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Always into innovation and has creative ideas on starting up a business?

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Join us in an intense 2-hour virtual workshop and hear from industry experts on what it takes to become a successful entrepreneur!

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Happening on

29 July 2023 (Saturday)


3.00 pm – 5.00 pm (MYT)

Our Mission

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To instill entrepreneurship spirit among students from an early age


To equip students for upcoming entrepreneurship competitions within the university/ nationwide


To expose the fundamentals of entrepreneurship to students if they are considering starting a business on their own


Provide guidance to students on key topics such as pitch deck writing, branding and marketing, setting up a company, and many more

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Who should join?

College/ University students from any background of study 

Students planning to participate in upcoming entrepreneurship competitions


The 2-hour intensive crash course workshop aims to cover the areas below:

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Setting up and structuring your company

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Pitch Deck Writing

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Branding and Marketing

Asset 18_190x.png

Market Analysis

Asset 19_190x.png

Financial Projections

Your benefits of participating in the program:

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Asset 12_190x.png

Get priority access to essential entrepreneurship skills and learn on what it takes to become an entrepreneur


E-Certificate of Participation will be given at the end of the event

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