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Welcome to the first virtual football arena wherever you are in the world.

Immerse and interact with your favorite clubs on a single platform.


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In collaboration with Buddyz by NeuXP

Check out our exclusive exhibition hall today! 

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A once in a lifetime opportunity to get to know your football clubs up close  


Interact and reach out directly to your favorite clubs’ representatives


View all your favorite clubs in one place via our single interactive and

immersive platform ​


Receive latest club news, access to member-zone promotions, and access to limited-edition club merchandise ​


Collaboration and networking opportunities available with various clubs and companies ​


Full access to the exhibition hall is available for Buddyz Premium users only

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Showcase your branding and products

in your dedicated booth space  


Perfect way to enhance your branding

and marketing  


Networking opportunities with other

clubs and companies  


Schedule an instant meeting to interact with your fan base directly    


Discover options for opportunities

to collaborate

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Build stronger branding through our social media appreciation posts across all

Buddyz platforms  


Promotion space for companies to provide a short write-up article to be featured  


Exclusive logo printed on all Buddyz and FootballAvenue materials  


Red-carpet invitations to Buddyz and FootballAvenue events and launches  


VIP discounts on all Buddyz services ​


One-time personalized concierge service in assisting you with setting up your booth

Pricing Plan for Clubs

Price (€) 

Free of Charge

1 Dedicated booth space in
the expo

Branding and marketing

Networking opportunities

Promotion and publicity

Schedule meetings with potential clients/ sponsors

Pricing Plan for Clubs

Price (€) 

Free of Charge

1 Dedicated booth space in
the expo

Branding and marketing

Networking opportunities

Promotion and publicity

Schedule meetings with potential clients/ sponsors

Add-on Package (Optional) 

€200 for personalized concierge and design service for booth setup

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Interested or looking for a free trial? 

Enjoy FREE 30 days to explore our platform as a visitor! Register Here

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is FootballAvenue Virtual Club?

FootballAvenue Virtual Club is the first marketplace that is exclusively dedicated to the football world. It hosts a variety of football clubs and allows fans and companies globally to

interact directly with their favorite clubs.


For Clubs and Companies


Do I need to pay to have a booth?

We are offering complimentary booths for Clubs, however, we also have paid packages for Companies. Check out our pricing plan above to know more about your entitlement to the

free and paid packages.


I’m interested! Where do I start?

Simply head on to our main lobby area and click on the ‘Sign Up’ button. We will require you to fill up some basic information on our form before we liaise with you further when it comes to setting up your booth along with the design materials.


What will I be required to provide?

We will brief you on the design materials that you will need to provide us with. There is an empty template provided for you to fill all your information in and place your images on.


Am I eligible for a free booth design service?

Our personalized concierge service is available for all paid packages on a one-time basis to set up your initial booth. Besides that, we also offer this service to our clubs if they require any assistance from us to set up their booths at a discounted rate.


What are the benefits of signing up for a booth on the platform?

All booths will have the opportunity to boost their branding and marketing through our announcements and sharing posts on social media channels. There will be an exclusive write-up on the company which will be featured on our social media pages. Besides that, they also stand a chance to gain exposure on a global scale through the incoming traffic flow on the platform, which gives them visibility and networking opportunities.


For Visitors


Is it free for visitors to browse around the booths?

Yes, it is absolutely free for visitors to drop by the hall and browse around the booths.


Can visitors directly engage with the companies?

Visitors who are keen on collaboration opportunities can set up one-on-one meetings with the clubs or companies through our meeting scheduler available at all booths.

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