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Are you looking to expand your business abroad? 

Let BizBuddyz do the hard work in setting up your business for you while you focus on growing your business.

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Choose from an array of BizBuddyz digital services to accelerate your cross-border business expansion. 

Why choose BizBuddyz for your business expansion needs?

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Fully digitalised services at low costs. Pay for only what you need. 

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Time saving with instant services available for you 24/7

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Eliminate the need for physical presence to building your business

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Access to networking or business matching opportunities

Pemerbadanan Perniagaan


Menyediakan perniagaan anda boleh menjadi mudah, cepat dan fleksibel dengan perkhidmatan digital kami.

Pendaftaran perniagaan


Permohonan lesen yang berkaitan


Pembukaan akaun bank


Alamat perniagaan/ premis/ kerja bersama

langganan ruang angkasa






Biar kami membantu anda menguruskan kerja kesetiausahaan syarikat anda dengan mudah melalui profesional  services. 

Pemerbadanan untuk syarikat baharu


Pelantikan sebagai setiausaha syarikat


Tukar nama syarikat


Pulangan tahunan


Pemfailan penyata kewangan




Elakkan semua kerumitan menguruskan akaun untuk perniagaan anda dengan perkhidmatan kami yang komprehensif.

Simpan kira






Akaun belum terima/ belum bayar


Penyata pendapatan


Penyata imbangan





Jika anda sedang mencari pembiayaan untuk melancarkan atau mengembangkan perniagaan anda, anda berada di landasan yang betul dengan BizBuddyz.

Pelabur sepadan


Program pemecut/ inkubasi


Pembiayaan ramai



Platform pitching




Capai matlamat perniagaan rentas sempadan anda dan kejayaan penglibatan dengan perkhidmatan perundingan strategik kami yang disesuaikan dengan keperluan anda.

Perundingan Perniagaan


Perundingan Kewangan


Perundingan Pengurusan



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Expand your business abroad with ease via BizBuddyz. It’s the digital business companion you need to simplify your cross-border business expansion journey.

Get started today to digitally launch you cross-border business.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1.  What is BizBuddyz?

BizBuddyz is a premium service offered to all new and existing business owners who would like to take the first step in setting up their business abroad or continuously seek the lowest and most competitive fee in our various services.


2. Why BizBuddyz?

We understand the complexity every new business owner face when it comes to setting up a company abroad. There are tons of paperwork that must be done, and you may not know how or where to start. We are here to ease your journey and simplify the process for you. The same goes for existing business owners who may be looking for value-added services to your company or to switch to a service that offers you the best and lowest fee compared to your existing one.


3. How does it work?

From setting up your company structure in a foreign country  to accounting, financing, secretarial services, and more, we are here for you to guide you as you expand your business. Drop us a message and we’ll guide you along your journey!


4. What are the countries that BizBuddyz can assist me with?

We always welcome clients who wish to bring their businesses abroad as we have partners in various countries who can help us link up with the right party for your business expansion to kickstart your journey there. Send us a message (click here) to check on your preferred country of expansion and we’ll be more than happy to share further details!


5. Do I get discounts if I subscribe to more than one service from BizBuddyz?

We believe in giving the best value to our customers so we will be happy to advise and assist you further on your service subscriptions with us. Get started now by clicking (Click here) and we will be able to give you the pricing that works best for you. 

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