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Accept Payments Online and Offline with BuddyzPay!

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Thinking of digitalising your business?

Choose BuddyzPay for easy and secure online transactions through various payment methods at anytime and anywhere within Malaysia!

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Why choose BuddyzPay?

Your one-stop preferred payment gateway

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Quick & Seamless Approval

With BuddyzPay, merchants can get their payment gateway activated within a few business days.

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No Setup Fees

Yes, you heard that right! We are offering ZERO business setup fees for Premium Plan to help merchants start their online business easily.

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Competitive Transaction Fees BuddyzPay understands the challenges faced by businesses and we are here to help by offering transaction rates as low as 1.4% per transaction!

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Explore our Payment Methods

Accept all these payment methods by integrating with our payment gateway.

Credit Card / Debit Card / Online Banking & QR

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Why sign up with us as a merchant?

We offer:

Fast and secured approval

Convenient and easy to use

Worry-free about not having enough small change

Wider option for customers to pay

A new way to digitalise your business transactions

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Start Accepting Payments Today!

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1.  What is BuddyzPay?

BuddyzPay is a service offered to new and existing merchants across Malaysia in starting up their businesses and getting their payment gateways activated within a few days.


2.  Who would need BuddyzPay?

If you are a new or existing business owner looking into ways to kickstart your business or to opt for attractive and lower transaction rates, then BuddyzPay is the solution for you! We are here to help small and medium business owners start their journey and collect customer payments through our user-friendly card terminals.


3.  Is the onboarding process easy?

Yes, it is! All you need to do is just fill up the form Buddyz Pay - New Application on our website, and we’ll guide you through your next steps with us.


4. Does BuddyzPay accept FPX services?

Yes, we do accept FPX services by most of the banks throughout Malaysia.


5. Are debit and credit cards both accepted?

Yes, you can accept both credit and debit cards via BuddyzPay.


6. Can my customer opt to pay cash for their transactions or purchases?

Definitely. BuddyzPay allows your customers to have various options of payment methods, including cash.


7. How does BuddyzPay work?

We function on a plug-and-play basis, therefore setting up your terminal will be a breeze with our onboarding specialists to guide you along your way.


8. What documents am I required to provide to sign up for this service?

You will be required to provide documents such as the merchant application form, NRIC copies of the director(s), the latest 1 month’s bank statement, company registration documents and more during the registration process. We will go through the documents and notify you on your application status.

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