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Welcome to The Institute for Eurasian Legal Studies (ISGEA)

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The Institute for Eurasian Legal Studies (ISGEA) is a non-profit entity aiming to implement mutual cooperation between legal scholars and lawyers of different countries, focusing on the Eurasian area.


It organizes conferences, working groups, seminars, publications, and other scientific and academic initiatives concerning the research on Eurasian legal systems. The founders are Prof. Avv. Andrea Borroni, Dr. Jeremy Mah Waye Shawn, Prof. Avv. Andrea Russo, Prof. Avv. Paolo Tortorano and Dr. Alessandro Cenerelli.

ISGEA main activities:


  1. Conferences and workshops

  2. Research Projects

  3. Partnerships and collaboration

  4. Publication and knowledge transfer

  5. International collaborations

  6. Discussion workshops among members for information exchange on the latest trends in the industry and market

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Contact us for enquiries at

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