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Digital Innovation Hub Program

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About NeuXP Digital Innovation Hub Program (i-Hub)

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NeuXP Digital Innovation Hub Program serves as an inclusive platform to support and  empower early-stage technology startups and social enterprises in Nanning. 

i-Hub provides access to affordable co-working spaces and venture acceleration programmes as well as access.

Abstract Architecture

and Purpose

Many companies struggle to innovate. Large teams are slow to deliver, and when they do, the technology often falls short of expectations or fails to scale. Some of the best sources of creativity and innovation are found in the startup ecosystem.

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Exclusive Privileges 

Enjoy exclusive privileges to the all in one package below:

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Company registration

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IP registration

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Bank account opening

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 Book keeping

White Walls

Besides that, a wide range of benefits await you:

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Free access:

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Consultation on market promotion

Space to showcase your product

Meeting and conference room usage

Incubation services on legal, accounting, software development, branding, marketing, and others

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Consultation on project lending

One-stop talent recruitment service

Consultation on overseas talent work visa

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Exclusive access:

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Smart City application

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