Digital Innovation Hub Program

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About NeuXP Digital Innovation Hub Program (DIH)

NeuXP Digital Innovation Hub Program serves as an inclusive platform to support and  empower early-stage technology startups and social enterprises in Nanning. 

DIH provides access to affordable co-working spaces and venture acceleration programmes as well as access.

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and Purpose

Many companies struggle to innovate. Large teams are slow to deliver, and when they do, the technology often falls short of expectations or fails to scale. Some of the best sources of creativity and innovation are found in the startup ecosystem. Through joint innovation, large companies and innovative startups can mutually benefit from broad expertise to deliver tailored and impactful solutions to end-users.  

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Why be a part of us?

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Teams will work on technologies under the supervision and mentorship of experienced entrepreneurs and industry experts from all over the world.

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Affordable co-working space rates

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Potential to receive funding from other VCs in the network and to receive support in building  out a new project

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Opportunity to join the global acceleration programs

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Collaboration opportunities with NeuXP development team members and other innovation hubs members worldwide

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Membership Packages

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Co-working space

Access to online mentorship platform

Participation in the NeuXP Accelerator Program

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