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Integrating Ethical Financial
with Lifestyle

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NeuXP-i all-in-one platform offers Sharia-compliant financial services with direct access to local lifestyle services.


By integrating Islamic financial offerings with lifestyle services into one platform, NeuXP-i eases the  journey of international users in

the Middle East and Asia .

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An ethical
financial ecosystem

NeuXP-i incorporates modernized technologies to provide users with the  most comprehensive ethical financial and lifestyle services ecosystem.

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Omni-Channel Islamic  financial services


Integration with lifestyle services and community platform

Sharia-compliant blockchain technology

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Our Platform

At NeUXP-i we leverage global partnerships model

with the adoption of open APIs

to ensure a seamless user experience.

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Fully digital onboarding

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Multiple devices

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Account Aggregation

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Numberless virtual debit cards

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Blockchain ready

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Instant money transfer

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Multi-currency wallet

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Personal finance manager

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Let NeuXP-i transform your journey towards ethical finance!

Contact us to know more. 

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