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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1. What is NeuXPlorer World Tour Virtual Run?

Longing for your next international holiday trip? Has it been too long since your last vacation across the borders? It’s time to get your shoes ready in advance and head on to explore the world virtually. Have a virtual experience in a new country for every checkpoint! Run virtually to the 7 destinations around the world at your own pace to complete the world tour. With objectives of promoting a healthy and active lifestyle across the globe and building awareness of our brand, NeuXP Group and our partners, both aimed to bring convenience and vast options when it comes to fulfilling needs.

2. How do I sign up for NeuXPlorer World Tour Virtual Run? 

Register online at A confirmation email will be sent to you together with your E-Bib.

3. How does NeuXPlorer World Tour Virtual Run work?

Simply register, run 42km and record your results within the stipulated period, anywhere you desire. It's a full marathon (42km), but there are alternate checkpoints every 6 km in different countries. Participants may choose to stop at any checkpoints and yes, you will still be eligible for the e-cert at the end of the run despite completing the checkpoints halfway through.

4. Where and how do I upload my results?.

You may upload the screenshot of your results on our website once the upload button is made available. 

5. How do I record my race?

Start running, jogging or walking during the run period. You can use any run app, to record the distance of your activities, then screenshot your result. Make sure that the record includes the dates, distance (KM), time and pace of your movement. 

6. Are there going to be any registration charges for the run?

No, the run is absolutely free of charge!

7. What is included in my registration?

You will be receiving an E-bib upon successful registration and an E-cert upon completion of at least one checkpoint.

8. Can I amend my details in the registration platform?

All participants are not allowed to change the details after submitting their registration. If you wish to change your details, you are required to submit a new form.

9. If I have an injury/accident during my virtual run, do I qualify under Public Liability/General Liability insurance?

NeuXPlorer World Tour Virtual Run will not provide any insurance coverage. All participants are responsible for their own safety during the run.

10. Can I transfer my registration to another person?

Unfortunately, the registration is non-transferable.

11. What are the recommended running apps that I could use?

i. Strava

ii. Runtastic

iii. Runkeeper

12. Can I upload multiple screenshots?

Yes. Accumulated screenshots/proofs are accepted.​

13. Who can participate?

Anyone from all walks of life and ages. Since it is a virtual race, you can do it anywhere and can find a safe place to do it. You can choose either to walk or jog. If your kids are joining the run, a guardian must monitor the kids.

​14. What is the SOP of joining NeuXPlorer World Tour Virtual Run?

Participants are required to adhere to the SOP set by the National Security Council or the Public Health Authority of your respective countries.

15. I do not live in Malaysia. Can I participate?

Yes, you may participate, however, in order to qualify yourself for the lucky draw prizes, you will need to have a Malaysian address to receive the prizes.

16. I can’t find my registration. How can I retrieve it?

Please contact us at for assistance.

17. How do I qualify for the monthly lucky draw prizes?

It’s simple! Every successful registration of the virtual run will be considered as one entry to qualify for the monthly lucky draw gifts. We will select our winners and notify them directly via email, so do check out your emails frequently!

18. How do I contact the organizer if I have any other inquiries regarding NeuXPlorer World Tour Virtual Run?

Our friendly support team is available to assist you and will gladly help you with your questions. Please contact us by e-mail at

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