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2 December 2020, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia: NeuXP announced that it has won the first runner up spot at the 3rd China-ASEAN New Smart City Innovation & Entrepreneurship Competition, representing Malaysia, in the startup category. The final round of the virtual competition was held on 20 November 2020.

With its pitch of Accelerating ASEAN Business Entry to Nanning, China, through a digitalized business platform, NeuXP was selected as the first runner up by a selected panel of judges. At the final round of the competition, eight grand finalists across ASEAN competed to pitch their innovative ideas that could meet the development needs of China's Smart City industry. They were judged based on innovation & creativity, public service, commercial value, marketing strategy and return on investment analysis criteria.

"As the first runner up, we are honoured to be representing Malaysia in this prestigious competition and we are excited to start the journey of accelerating ASEAN business entry into Nanning, China with Biz@NeuXP," said Jeremy Mah, the Chief Executive Officer of NeuXP.

Biz@NeuXP serves as a digital business companion, providing comprehensive multi-lingual digital services ranging from hassle-free business incorporation to accounting, banking, legal, HR, and other essential business management tools. Everything a business needs to set up and manage its operation in Nanning, China, is in one automation platform that is accessible anytime, anywhere. As Biz@NeuXP eliminates the challenges in the language barrier, lengthy procedures and unfamiliarity to policies, a business can be set up instantly and managed digitally.


The  3rd China-ASEAN New Smart City Innovation & Entrepreneurship Competition was hosted by the Nanning government and organized jointly by Cloudbae in China and 2B Compass in Singapore.

About NeuXP:

  • NeuXP is an integrated digital banking platform that offers comprehensive services with a flexible, accessible and simple user experience.

  • As part of its vision to rapidly move into the digital finance space, NeuXP goes beyond banking products and services by catering to the business segment and solving the pain points of business owners with its digital business solution, Biz@NeuXP.

  • NeuXP’s network advantage and leading-edge technology allows for customization of its fully digitalized platforms providing one-of-a-kind digital services beyond what’s normally made available by other providers in Europe, the USA and Asia.

  • Find out more at


About Cloudbae:

  • Cloudbae is a big data industry company established with a "light asset, platform, mixed ownership" approach. Shareholder companies such as Guangxi Group Co., Ltd., Nanning Rail Transit Group, and Alibaba Cloud's DT Dreams joined hands to commit to the construction and operation of a smart Nanning city, to promote the interconnection and sharing of information among cities in Guangxi, and to strengthen cooperation with cities in ASEAN countries To build the Digital Silk Road together. 

  • The new smart city is an important part of the construction of the China-ASEAN Information Port and an important platform for China and ASEAN countries to jointly build the "Digital Silk Road". Cloud Baby Big Data Industry Development Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Cloud Baby") was established on March 28, 2017.


About 2BCompass:

  • 2B compass helps Sales & Business leaders connect better and influence more, so that they can be a #GreaterSignificance to society. We believe everyone who has the ability to impact lives deserves the chance to get their message heard. 

  • Technology and Social Media has connected the world at a pace never seen before. However, as the world became more connected, people and customers also started becoming socially disconnected. As a result, we strive to Re-think, Re-strategise and Re-Plan how businesses communicate with their audiences.

  • We offer Coaching, Training and Speaking services on topics like Branding, Leadership, Social Media strategy & Communications to inspire business to communicate with their audiences differently.

  • With a focus on building a strong relationship between organisation and its audience, they will be in a position to Inspire, Influence and Impact.

About the Competition:

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