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NeuXP and TWOKON sign MoU for Global Market Expansion Collaboration

NeuXP, an integrated banking and lifestyle platform provider signs an MoU with TWOKON Co., Ltd for their business expansion beyond Malaysia and Korea.

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Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia - NeuXP Sdn. Bhd. (“NeuXP”), a Malaysian fintech company providing an  integrated platform that connects users to global banking and lifestyle services, has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with TWOKON Co., Ltd (“TWOKON”), a Korean based telecommunication provider specialising in the global roaming technology.


The MoU was signed by the CEO of NeuXP, Jeremy Mah and Director of TWOKON, Kim Mu Gyeol  during the 2022 ICT Business Partnership event  held on 23rd September 2022. The event was organised by Korea’s Ministry of Science & ICT and National IT Industry Promotion Agency (“NIPA”) as part their initiatives to facilitate and promote cooperation opportunities with the ICT partners in Malaysia.  Essentially, the event aims to create a constructive platform for Malaysian and Korean companies in the ICT field to find new potential partners with mutual benefits for their future business developments.


The global expansion collaboration between the two companies will bring NeuXP  all-in-one banking and lifestyle app to new markets, allowing NeuXP to tap into TWOKON's customer base and extend its reach. The collaboration will also give TWOKON’s customers access to NeuXP's features and services, providing them with a complete lifestyle services solution complemented with telecommunication and banking services offerings. This partnership is a win-win for both companies, and it will result in a better experience for customers in both the NeuXP and TWOKON networks.


NeuXP has recently launched its app in Malaysia on Google Play Store and App Store with the lifestyle segment featuring insurance service and attractions booking to more than 2,000 spots in Southeast Asia. NeuXP is also in the midst of developing its app with banking and lifestyle segments in the  US and Europe. TWOKON’s roaming services that can be subscribed via are currently available in Korea, Thailand, Vietnam, Canada and the US.


About NeuXP

NeuXP is a provider of an integrated platform that connects users to global banking and lifestyle services. Its all-in-one app incorporates comprehensive banking and lifestyle services such as travel booking, insurance, healthcare, and more with flexible, accessible and simple omnichannel user experience. NeuXP fully digitalized platform is designed to address the banking concerns and ease the journey of international customers extending beyond what’s normally made available by other providers in Europe, USA, Asia and beyond. To find out more, visit



TWOKON is a telecommunication services  provider with expertise in global roaming services. It has currently established communication networks with mobile carriers in 6 different countries and plans to establish additional telecommunication networks in other countries to make borderless calls possible based on its voice call patent. Via its extended network TWOKON will provide services as shopping, travel, proptech, fintech and more to achieve its aims in becoming a borderless platform. Go to for more information.

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