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Facial recognition, the latest trend in banking app

Updated: Jan 7, 2022

Facial recognition technology, the latest trend in banking app

Facial recognition technology has been rapidly gaining traction in the banking industry recently. Many banks are now rolling out facial recognition apps to their customers. By using facial recognition, banks can simplify the authentication process and allow users to sign in to access their accounts faster and more conveniently.

In this article, you'll learn about facial recognition, how it works, its advantages, and the future of this technology.

How facial recognition in banking app works?

Facial recognition is a method of biometrics used to identify and authenticate individuals using the unique features of their faces. Biometrics is the use of measurable biological characteristics for identification or authentication.

Most facial recognition systems follow these three steps:

  1. The system captures the user's face using a camera, photo, or video to detect the user's face.

  2. The captured image is analyzed and converted into a vector.

  3. A database compares the vector with other vectors to verify that it is a known person. When the user signs into the banking app, the face match process verifies if the user's face matches with their stored facial signature. If it matches, the app allows access to the user.

What are the benefits of using facial recognition?

Face recognition in banking apps has a lot of benefits. Although this feature is one of the biggest challenges in modern banking, banks worldwide are starting to use biometrics. With the rise of mobile banking, biometrics has found a new widespread use case. Banks use this feature to have more secure systems by ensuring only authorized persons can access financial accounts and essential data. This technology offers a new level of security to mobile banking apps. It is one of the most effective ways to keep unauthorized users from your bank account and personal data. It is also designed to make the process of logging in more manageable and more secure. What's more, face recognition can prevent fraud, as it can identify stolen or fraudulent images uploaded by the user.

Facial recognition, the future of banking apps

The possibilities of facial recognition are endless. The technology has become so advanced that it can recognize faces in pictures and in real-time. Facial recognition in banking apps is in its infancy, but the potential to transform the customer experience is enormous.

As banking apps have become a convenient way to access your money when you're out and about, more of these apps need to be upgraded with facial recognition to take banking to the next level. With this feature, banks will engage more users who will feel more at ease with their apps' security and more convenient user experience.

Conclusion: The banking industry has recently started to use facial recognition technology in its apps. This innovative technology will allow customers to sign into their accounts with a single picture, allowing them to transact faster and more securely than ever before. If you would like to use an app that is designed with such a feature, click here.


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