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NeuCommunity; a social platform that helps you prepare for your move abroad post-pandemic

Updated: Oct 13, 2020

The coronavirus outbreak has caused much fear among those pursuing the idea of moving abroad, either for studying or working. Some had to put their plans moving abroad on hold or even cancel the whole idea of relocating due to the ongoing pandemic. But do they really forego their dreams of relocating to a foreign country and let the coronavirus pandemic destroy their plans? A survey by HousingAnywhere done between June to August 2020 and January 2020 involving 110 respondents from various countries globally, found that international students and young professionals still have the interest to relocate abroad. The survey reported that 65% of the respondents are keen to move even with concerns about their safety and health during this pandemic. Out of this group of respondents, 30% said that they are looking to move as soon as possible, 9.1% said ‘Yes, but not until late 2020’, another 6.4% said 'Yes, but not until early 2021'. 10% said they are looking at a different time-frame due to work or university deadlines.

While they are determined not to let the pandemic crush their dreams of moving abroad, they recognize the need for comprehensive information such as a country's medical procedures and travel options. HousingAnywhere, emphasized that young people planning to move abroad need this information to have control over their movement and well-being while living in a foreign country.

Having access to the right and in-depth information is crucial and necessary for those still pursuing their dream of studying or working abroad. While there are many available governments, expats, or blog sites online, there is hardly any one-stop online interactive platform providing all relevant information to this group of people, especially international students.

Without a doubt, a one-stop platform in the form of a global online community can be one of the best tools to support and educate everyone who is looking to move abroad. Hence, NeuXP Group, a digital banking platform provider, will be launching a global community online platform called NeuCommunity ( in Q4 of 2020 to lessen the pain of searching for the right information from too many different online sites.

NeuCommunity, a free online social platform, is designed to connect millions of people worldwide, including subject matter experts, where they can engage and share information about all things relevant to studying or working abroad. As people are anxious about moving abroad amidst this pandemic, members can access valuable information about their destination countries at NeuCommunity, which will ultimately help them overcome their fear while preparing for their move abroad.

Although there are currently travel restrictions worldwide, NeuCommunity serves as a medium for members and experts to share their real-life experience and essential information such as Covid-19 related, financial tips, administration matters, and more for various countries. At NeuCommunity, providing the best resources through active engagements is vital in empowering the members. While it functions as a tool to learn, educate and network with like-minded people, it also serves as a powerful knowledge base for members to be better equipped so that they are ready for when the borders are open for moving abroad.

As NeuCommunity also promotes inclusivity, multi-cultural and diversity, it brings members together from all over the world to interact in a safe place while accessing useful information. What’s more, as members, they are also taking part in the creation of a digital banking platform customized for non-residents in Europe, USA and Asia. At the end of the day, anyone who is keen to move abroad needs an effective and highly engaging one-stop platform that adds value to their experience and helps ease their journey of moving to a foreign country.


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